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As you engage in your career, have you struggled with these questions:

  • What is my professional value?

  • How do I tell my authentic professional story?

  • Why am I good at what I do?

Clarity Silicon Valley’s Professional Identity programs answer these questions and more.

The Clarity Silicon Valley approach crafts your professional or executive identity by developing your authentic brand.

Becoming conscious of your professional identity and owning your brand is a powerful realization of value and puts you in charge of your career. By doing this work, you are empowered to explain with precision to your management, your colleagues, and your network exactly what value you deliver, how you deliver that value, and have the proof to back it up. 

The process to realize your brand grounded in identity has three integrated phases:


Establishes the foundation for brand development by inviting conscious realizations about professional identity through fundamental examination of  beliefs, assumptions, and perceptions underpinning career clarity and professional direction.


Builds a differentiated, compelling, and authentic brand narrative by surfacing strategic business value, approach, and integrating past experience using a structured, step-by-step, and tailored process.


Accelerates brand ownership with unified professional collateral, sharpened presence, and an effective foundation for increased company and marketplace visibility. Individual work includes full suite of professional or executive collateral.

Clarity Silicon Valley offers two opportunities for high potential professionals and executives to learn about, develop, and own your brand grounded in identity through its unique Professional Identity program:


Personalized 1:1 program to realize your brand by exploring next career steps, defining your unique and authentic story, and empowering your professional identity ownership.


Comprehensive workshop series covering brand fundamentals that guide you in discovering your professional identity, realizing your unique story, and owning your brand.

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