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Clarity Silicon Valley's process is designed to help you understand your professional value as an expression and function of your executive

 personal brand.

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Clarity Silicon Valley's process is designed for the discriminating executive seeking to understand their professional value as an expression and 

function of their executive personal brand.


This process is a radical self-inquiry. 

What does this mean?


The word ‘radical’ comes from the Latin word ‘radix’ which means ‘root’. This process is about getting to the root of the professional you. ‘Self inquiry’ is the process of looking inward to understand:

    - What do you want?

    - What do you resist?

    - What is your professional value? And,

    - Where and how are you aligned?


The first step to understanding your executive personal brand is to establish your professional trajectory, then determine

 the story you need to tell, and finally align all your executive collateral to your top routes to market. This is the Clarity, Positioning, and Alignment Process.



Clarity Profile outlining your:

  • Next role

  • Next-next role

Explore, define, and prioritize a vision for your next role, and your next-next role



Personal Messaging Framework with:

  • Value Proposition

  • Outcomes

  • Outcome Definitions

  • Proof Points

Construct the right messaging to land your next role


Communicate key messages across all your routes to market for executive peers, companies, and the industry


  • Social Media Optics Audit

  • Aligned Collateral: 15-point      diagnostic with recommendations

    • Positioning Statement (Elevator pitch)

    • LinkedIn Profile

    • Résumé


Getting your brand understood and marketed is important, but it is not the end of the journey. A personal brand is an ongoing endeavor that needs to be actively managed and considered throughout your career as it is a source of recurring value for identifying roles and opportunities.

  • How are you actively managing your personal brand? 

  • How does your personal brand interplay with your role success?

These questions and more are at the heart of Clarity Silicon Valley's Quarterly Offering for executives who have previously completed the previous Clarity/Positioning/Alignment Process. 

This Quarterly Offering examines the intersection between your professional opportunities and your personal brand dynamics.



Review past quarter and plan for future quarters to optimize role dynamics and opportunities by assessing:

- Purpose

- First 90 days

- Span of control

- Strategic goals

- Milestone progress

- Key stakeholders

- Internal networking

- Role challenges


Cultivate ongoing brand development by continually ensuring clarity for future roles, strong positioning, and aligned collateral by reviewing:

- Clarity on future roles

- Evaluate positioning

- Update and align collateral

- Social media visibility

- External networking

- Keynotes

- Learning your craft

- Thought leadership

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