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CSV Labs, the research arm of Clarity Silicon Valley, is dedicated to the ongoing exploration, evaluation, and development of professional and executive brand. CSV Labs is designed to:

  • Identify individual brand trends 

  • Examine the user experience of brand

  • Explore individual brand drivers and career impact 

Sign up today to be a part of the periodic brand survey and receive insights, information, and analysis to optimize your trajectory and career.


The cornerstone of CSV Labs’s research is a periodic brand survey. 


The purpose of the survey is to get a pulse on how you, as a high potential performer or executive leader, are thinking about the different aspects and evolution of your brand, the impacts to your career, and to your professional peers.



Brand is an alive and continually evolving experience. Each day, your brand can be cultivated, expressed, and enhanced. Increasing awareness of the inputs and the outputs of your brand reveals insights and provides opportunities to optimize your professional experience as your career evolves. 



We value your participation in the survey and want to provide value back to you by sharing aggregated and anonymous survey learnings, so you can use the information gleaned from your professional peers to inform your own brand. 


Each quarter, there will be a brief survey (10 questions or less) about a brand topic. By participating in these surveys, you will receive the results.  



Survey data shared is anonymous and results will be shared in aggregate form with participants. 



Email frequency is low. We dislike spam as much as you do! 



Anyone interested in brand 


How can I participate?

Sign up using the form above!

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