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Professional Identity Workshop Series

The Professional Identity Workshop Series is a comprehensive three-course package designed to provide you with an overview of brand fundamentals to help you take charge of your career by discovering your professional identity, realizing your unique and differentiated story, and owning your brand.

Whether currently in a role or in a career transition, this Professional Identity Workshop Series empowers you to reinvent yourself for your next career chapter by understanding the inputs to career clarity, your fundamental professional value and differentiation, and how to own your brand both within your company and in the marketplace.

Who should attend
High-potential professional or executive interested in understanding your value and how to own and succinctly communicate that value to your target audiences and across all relevant routes to market.

Session:       3 workshops; one each on Clarity, Positioning, and Alignment
Delivery:      Virtual
Timing:        3 consecutive Thursday evenings from 5:30p - 8p PDT/PST
Duration:     2.5 hours each; 7.5 hours total

Price:           $750

Next Workshop Series

Starts Thursday,

November 4th

Professional Identity Workshop Series

Data Sheet

Here is a breakdown of the three workshops:

Professional Identity Workshop Series

Discover your professional identity. Realize your unique and differentiated story. Own your brand.


Clarity establishes the foundation for brand development by inviting conscious exploration of professional identity components that include fundamental beliefs, assumptions, and perceptions underpinning career clarity and professional direction.


  • Examine fundamental guiding beliefs about professional identity tied to brand

  • Articulate specific role desires and dimensions

  • Define your career trajectory

What you get

  • Clarity Guide

  • Clarity Workbook

  • Expert perspective

  • Discussions, exercises, and networking


Positioning shows how to build a differentiated, compelling, and authentic brand narrative by surfacing strategic business value, approach, and integrating past experience using a structured, step-by-step, and tailored process.


  • Understand brand fundamentals

  • Find out how to build your professional story

  • Organize your story for the greatest impact

What you get

  • Positioning Guide

  • Positioning Workbook

  • Expert perspective

  • Discussions, exercises, and networking


Alignment accelerates brand ownership with a unified professional story and sharpened presence combined with useful and practical visibility strategies, practice, and tips to optimize the current role and broader career trajectory.


  • Learn principles for effective audience targeting and channel engagement

  • Develop elevator pitch

  • Be poised for increased company/marketplace visibility

What you get

  • Alignment Guide​

  • Alignment Workbook

  • Expert perspective

  • Discussions, exercises, and networking

Discover your professional value, take charge of your career, and sign up today!

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