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Optimize your role performance. Express your brand. Align your career.

The Clarity Career Check-in Program is a unique annual subscription service that builds upon and extends the Professional Identity Individual and Workshop Series programs, to help you stay aligned on your career goals by optimizing your role and brand strategy, performance, and execution.


To maximize your career effectiveness, it is critical to be conscious of, and examine, both your role and your brand.


Role and brand are inversely related. You are offered a role because your brand is strong enough to compel a company to offer you that role. And when you are done executing in that role, it is the strength of your brand, inclusive of your last/current role performance, that opens up opportunities for your next role. 


Many people look primarily at role performance. And while role success addresses the tactical present reality, it does not optimize for long-term career success by helping you assess and implement the right career strategy. 

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Clarity Career Check-in Program Data Sheet

The intersection of role and brand is why the Clarity Career Check-in Program was created—to provide timely advisory discussions that address both role performance and brand alignment. 

Who benefits from this program
High-potential professional or executive interested in optimizing your role, expressing your brand, and aligning your career.

How does it work?
Across the arc of a given role, there are different stages, including the first 6 months (early cycle), ~.5 to 1.5 years (mid-cycle), and ~1.5 years + (late cycle). Those stages each have different needs to optimize role execution and brand expression. For full details, download the Clarity Career Check-in Program data sheet.

Clarity Career Check-in Program Overview.png

Offering:    Select desired check-in cadence from below table (Quarter, Semi-annual, or Annual) to determine number of                             meetings and duration
Materials:  Clarity Career Check-in Workbook
Content:    Each meeting focuses on either 3 or 4 topics, depending on cadence, selected by client in advance. Full topics                         options listed in data sheet.

Clarity Career Check-in Meetings.png

Download the Clarity Career Check-in Program data sheet for complete program details.

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