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The Clarity Silicon Valley approach to personal brand is premised on executive identity which is detailed in our Executive Identity Program.

One of our clients gave us a book called The Orbital Perspective. One of the takeaways from this book is to examine a broader context and to see the bigger picture.

In personal brand, understanding the broader view is useful as there are many elements that need to be pulled apart, separated, and put into appropriate context. In our experience, holding as broad of a perspective as possible is critical to see our full professional truth otherwise we miss key components of our own personal brand story.




One of the primary ways a personal brand is expressed is through story. For stories to make sense, they need to be put into the proper operating context. 


A company, for example, has only one context, which is to create goods and/or services. That is its reason for being. The company does not go out on the weekends and salsa dance. It is strictly focused on making those goods and/or services which we call a professional operating context. 


Individuals, however, have different contexts in which we operate. These include:

These contexts do not usually overlap. When you are doing one of your hobbies, for example, it doesn’t matter how good of a VP of Operations you are. Examining an individual’s story in a professional context shows several components contained within that story. 


The first is your reputation or what you are known for. This reputation comes from repeated impressions from people who work and have worked with you. Within your reputation is something very specific which is your Promise of Delivery. Your Promise of Delivery effectively answers the question: If I hire you (external) or promote you (internal), what am I going to get?


Your Promise of Delivery has to be clear to people who engage with you so they understand exactly what they will be getting if they work for or with you, or you work for them. If your Promise of Delivery is not clear, you risk being perceived as bland or too general. 


Another component that can be contained in your story is what makes you different. Most people, in my experience, have not taken the time to understand what makes them unique and different.

  • Family

  • Professional

  • Social

  • Philanthropic

  • Hobby


The secret to effective personal brand is knowing what fundamentally differentiates you, and that is your approach. Your approach is your unique fingerprint—it separates you from your competition.


Your approach is defined as the specific set of steps you follow in your role. In other words, your approach encapsulates:


  • What do you do in the business

  • How do you do it


In many cases, the ideal hire for a role is someone who did the same job for your competitor and now wants to do it for you. Why? Because they have an established approach within a given industry context.

Image by Randy Fath

Your approach has evolved across three specific vectors from your past career:

1) Your Companies

The companies with whom you have worked set the context and define the industry(ies) and the vertical(s) you have and do operate in. 


2) Your Roles

Each of your roles has taught you something and has sharpened your skillset and span of influence which, in turn, has and does lead to your next role. 


3) Your Accomplishments

Within each role, you have achieved certain accomplishments that act as proof of your competence, ability, and savvy within your role. That proof is offered up as a means to get to your next role, either through reputation or through direct representation to a hiring manager or retained search recruiter.


These three vectors are the foundation that informs your approach, which is what the Executive Identity Program addresses.


The Clarity Silicon Valley Executive Identity Program has three phases:

• Clarity - Define what you want

• Positioning - Determine your core professional value

• Alignment - Align your executive collateral

Get an overview of the Executive Identity Program as well as learn about the benefits, see what you get, and understand the deliverables.


If you are curious to learn more, please sign up for a free discovery call today


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